Magnets 4" x 6". So you never forget to grab a beer when you open the fridge. 
 Great little checklist printed on removable vinyl. It was placed in front of cooler doors to help guide the consumer on their purchasing decisions.   2' x 3'
 Slapped these puppies around local towns. I'm badass af.  QR code stickers represent Store Info and Location (bottom left) and Store's facebook page (bottom middle).
 I snuck into homes during the night to put them on bedroom doors instead of front doors. Outside the box thinking!
 Double-sided postcards given to customers, local companies and hotels. 5" x 7" - 15pt stock - gloss finish
 Membership cards and fill out form for customer tracking and discounts. Our way of spying on you just like Big Brother.....I mean our way of saying thanks!
 Used for online promotions. I like these.
 T-Shirts made for store employees and for sale.
 Ad designed for delivery beach cruiser.
 In-store and online advertisements.
 In-store and online advertisements.
 Web design. 
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