The following are projects worked on during my time at Flatiron School. The work includes a combination of JavaScript, React, Redux, AJAX, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Semantic-UI Git, SQL and PostgreSQL technologies.



Connecting local gardeners on a platform to sell or exchange their produce

  • Functionality allowing users to login and sign-up with JWT token and b-crypt authorization
  • Full CRUD actions for multiple controllers throughout the app
  • Added basic shopping cart functionality - sans checkout
  • Designed using Semantic UI React, CSS and custom made graphics.


Online dating website that matches on gender and sexual orientation

  •  Implemented Ruby and Rails to create the application with our own API
  • Utilized the entire CRUD cycle, allowing users to create, edit and delete accounts
  • Built complex relationships using ActiveRecord framework
  • Designed using basic HTML and CSS principles


An app allowing users to search for their movies and create movie playlists


  • Used React to establish a front-end interface
  • Designed asynchronous CRUD actions for watchlists, and movies models
  • Integrated The Movie Database API to allow users to search for movies
  • Created a server side API with Rails to persists user created actions as well as external API results